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DGP is a new Canadian success!The Black Rose Road: Kiss of Death ranked the 47th Best Horror Short Story on in May 2016

The Black Rose Road:

Black Rose is an eerie little mining town of four hundred people, hidden on a treacherous road that weaves through the west coast mountains. There are no cellphones. No signs or street lights; just a cross section of dirt road and a bizarre group of people who dare to live there. It’s also claimed to be home of North America’s most dangerous and elusive cons, crooks, and wanted fugitives. But that’s not all; there might also be ghosts, witches, cannibals, vampires, and reapers too. All of them hiding out in the remote northern spruce forests. This is a short story series that is bound to make sure you never sleep soundly again.                                     

The Gates to Utopia:

is a compelling sci-fi thriller novel written decades after the near extinction of the human species. Leon Bevali has near perfect genetics and is lucky to be alive. The new mega city that reemerged called Echo Raine is beautiful but oppressive. Leon's dark and existential journey of self destructive experimentation will leave you questioning the purpose of your life.

The Utopia of Canada.

-Salt Spring Island is Sophisticated, Artistic & Artesian.

By: Derek Gary Pritchett

There is a feeling when you first show up to Salt Spring Island that is difficult to explain to those who haven’t been here before. It is home to an ever growing populous of unique and creative businesses, authors, artists and musicians. It is a place where those moments of forever are made, where stories that last a lifetime are born. The weather is spectacular and enhanced by the sound of music which fills the streets day and night, every day of the week. The island abounds with art, sculpture and live music at several cafes, bars and restaurants. If you ever think the Ganges has become too quiet, you can always use one of the many public pianos’ sitting outside on the sidewalk to play a tune.

It is a rare find, which many Canadians may overlook when venturing west for the holidays. A couple minutes of research will suggest to too many travellers that the places to visit in B.C are in and around Vancouver, Victoria or Tofino. While Tofino is the surf capital of Canada, it doesn’t offer as vibrant of energy as Salt Spring Island. Great food, palm trees, and white sand beaches, lush forests, hiking and a plethora of fun things to do and explore are just the beginning of its potential. It is the place to be, and many have taken note. Salt Spring seems to be attracting more and more young talent from all over the world every week.

The sheer magnitude of happy people, talent and creative spirit makes Salt Spring the special place it is. Home to a thriving artisan food, cheese and wine culture, Salt Spring is making its mark on Canadian culture. Almost everyone on the island is running a successful small business and there is a thriving market of endless possibilities. The culture of the residents is helpful and inviting and whether you are looking for a new home or a special place to enjoy a holiday, there is a plentiful variety of unique bed & breakfasts and other places to stay.

The Ganges is the Kensington market of the West, local fresh fruit and veggie vendor’s setup in the park twice a week. There is also a barrage of local businesses that boasts a confidence in quality and a mirage of eccentricity and selection. If quiet and relaxation is more your thing, there are wonderful spas, wineries and provincial parks to enjoy some tranquility.

Salt Spring Island is a place where many come with thoughts of peace and flowers in their hair, hoping to start a new life among the fresh BC spirit. There is also quite the collection of high-end homes for sale, vacation rentals, and a culture of sophistication, wealth and refinement. It is an economic island of fun with a laid back atmosphere. Salt Spring has direct ferries to Vancouver and Victoria that take just over an hour to reach. It makes it the perfect subtropical holiday getaway. A utopia in Canada I call it.

Come check it out. You will not be disappointed.

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